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Squalene & Squalane from Amaranth

Our journey to sustainable excellence brought us to amaranth, a remarkable plant with incredible skincare benefits. Our squalene and squalane are meticulously obtained from amaranth seeds, a renewable source that reflects our commitment to preserving nature.

Unlike the conventional methods of extracting squalene from olive oil or sugar cane, our cutting-edge process focuses on harnessing the remarkable potential of amaranth oil.

Through sustainable sourcing, we are nurturing partnerships with communities, promoting responsible agriculture, and fostering meaningful job opportunities. By sourcing amaranth locally, we support farmers and their families, nurturing growth and vitality in regions like Ukraine.

Amaranth Oil

Premium Amaranth Oil Infused with Exceptional Squalene Enrichment (Up to 90% Squalene Content)

Discover the exceptional quality of our Amaranth Oil, a natural wonder that embodies the essence of effective skincare.

One standout feature is the flexibility to customize the squalene content, with options available up to 90%. Squalene, a naturally occurring compound within amaranth oil, is renowned for its moisturizing and antioxidant qualities, providing skin with essential nourishment.