Who we are

We are an Austro-Ukrainian company, driven by a profound commitment to sustainability and ocean conservation.

Our primary focus lies in the production of plant-based squalene/squalane, sourced from the versatile amaranth plant, which stands as the most sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

Our solution is driven by a genuine love for sharks and their critical role in our oceans. We combine this passion with scientific expertise and ethical sourcing, emphasizing our commitment to preserving the marine ecosystem


We are your way to a more sustainable future


Meet the Founders

Passionate about marine life, we unite expertise in shark conservation, supply chain management, and innovation and sustainability management. With strategic partnerships all over Europe, we bridge marine conservation and agricultural communities, such as the Ukrainian Amaranth Association, for a brighter and eco-friendly future. This way, we aim to create a harmonious relationship between the land and the sea.


Together, we’re making waves of positive change.

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Anastasiia Zhadan

Founding Member

Tina Reiterer

Founding Member

Jan Josef Fromm

Founding Member

Meet our Team

Sergiy Kurta


Doctor of Technical Science


Christina Kushmelyk


Assistant to Doctor of Technical Science


Meet our Partners

Dr. Olexandr Duda

President of the Ukrainian Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Products Manufacturers