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The Vital Role of Sharks in Climate Resilience

We recognize the vital significance of sharks as guardians of our seas. Sadly, millions of sharks perish annually due to the demand for shark liver oil squalene, leading to devastating consequences for marine ecosystems. Beyond their role in maintaining ocean biodiversity, sharks also play a crucial part in combatting climate change. As apex predators, they regulate the population of other marine species, which helps maintain the health and resilience of marine ecosystems. A healthy ocean ecosystem, in turn, enhances its capacity to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) and mitigate climate change. 

Urgent action is necessary to promote sustainable alternatives and protect these vital and vulnerable creatures for the well-being of our oceans and future generations.

Our commitment to sustainable alternatives, such as plant-based squalene from amaranth, aims to protect sharks, preserve ocean biodiversity, and support the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems, recognizing the intricate link between sharks, oceans, and our fight against climate change.

Shark liver oil, derived from the livers of various shark species, is still found in certain products despite concerns about its impact on shark populations and ecosystems. It’s worth noting that many consumers may be unaware that the squalene they are purchasing is sourced from sharks. Some products where shark liver oil or squalene may be present include:

Cosmetics and Skincare
Dietary Supplements
Industrial Use


Amaranth: one of humanity's oldest and most sustainable crops

We have chosen amaranth as our source of plant-based squalene/squalane due to its alignment with our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Amaranth requires little water, endures harsh weather, and its crops provide employment under fair working conditions globally. Moreover, we proudly collaborate with the Ukrainian Amaranth Association and thereby have strong relationships within the amaranth farming community. This partnership enables us to prioritize ethical practices, empowering local farmers and communities as amaranth thrives in diverse climates and soil types. Together, we embrace a path that not only fosters sustainability but also creates a positive social impact, allowing us to preserve the planet’s precious oceans and freshwater reserves for generations to come.

Consolidating the cosmetic industry and Ocean Conservation initiatives.

We believe in empowering cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to make a positive impact. By choosing us, they gain not only ethically sourced products but also contribute to ocean conservation. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications of squalene have historically relied on shark liver oil, contributing to the depletion of shark populations and posing environmental challenges. Our dedication to plant-based squalene from amaranth not only ensures a cruelty-free and sustainable option but also actively supports ocean conservation efforts.